Markovich Family

Parent(s)  – Chip & Monica

Church  & Faith Activities  –  This family chosen for over 15 families nominated. Chip and Monica have 3 young children, Augustine, Avila, and Elizabeth. They are involved in almost every parish function and activity. 

            *Monica is the Leader in “Households” a program that helps parish families find small communities where they can grow in our Catholic Faith.    

             *Monica is a member of our Parish Financial Committee.

              *Augustine regularly rings the bells at the 9 am Sunday Mass service. They constantly are in prayer together and say the rosary and divine mercy chaplet often. 

                *Chip is a member of our Knights of Columbus Council. 

                 *Chip regularly attends the men’s prayer breakfast with his children, a father in the likeness of St Joseph.

                  *Chip has also been a participant in the Into the Breach Program. Monica is a member of our Parish Financial Committee.

                 * They constantly are in prayer together by reciting the Rosary and often recite the divine mercy chaplet in the home.

                *Most likely the only thing keeping the two younger daughters from being mentioned in any activities involving our Catholic Faith is simply the age!

We could continue to list activities accomplished by this amazing family and I guess the list could continue on much longer, but we all can see why this family was chosen.